Rochelle Independent School District
Student Nutrition & Wellness Plan

Purpose and Goal:

Rochelle ISD shall follow nutrition guidelines that advance student health and reduce childhood obesity and shall promote the general wellness of all students through nutrition education, physical activities, and other school-based activities.

Rochelle ISD shall develop nutrition guidelines and wellness goals in consultation with the local school health advisory council and with involvement from representatives of the student body, school food service, school administration, the board, parents, and the public.

Nutrition Guidelines:

Rochelle ISD shall ensure that nutrition guidelines for reimbursable school meals shall be at least as restrictive as federal regulations and guidance and that all foods available are in accordance with the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy. In addition to legal requirements, Rochelle ISD shall:

1. Establish guidelines for school sponsored fund-raising activities that involve

serving or selling food. The Superintendent is responsible for coordinating

our exempt days.

2. All students at Rochelle will receive a free reimbursable meal. If the student

refuses to take the components that make this a reimbursable meal they

will be served an alternative meal.

3. Visiting student and adult meals will be charged regular adult prices, $2.00

for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch, which is due at the serving line. Nonstudent

meals (daycare) will be charged $.75 for breakfast and $1.05 for


Wellness goals:

Rochelle ISD shall implement, in accordance with the law, a coordinated health program with a nutrition education component (see policy EHAB and EHAC) and shall use health course curriculum that emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition (see Policy EHAA).

In addition to legal requirements, Rochelle ISD shall:

1. Students will receive nutrition education that fosters the adoption and maintenance of healthy eating behaviors that are designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes through coordination of health education, physical activities, nutrition services, and parental involvement. The food service director is responsible for putting nutritional statements on the school menus sent home with the students at least once a month.

2. Staff responsible for nutrition education will be adequately prepared and shall participate in professional development activities to effectively deliver the program as planned. Staff is responsible for getting the training that is needed.

3. The food service staff, teachers, and other personnel will coordinate the promotion of nutrition messages in the cafeteria, the classroom, and other appropriate settings. The food service director is responsible for making sure poster are hung where needed. (Cafeteria, Hallways, Locker rooms)

4. The school health advisor is responsible for implementing our local lice policy. Rochelle ISD would exclude any student found with live head lice until at least one treatment has been applied by a FDA approved shampooconditioner rinse. Students are carefully screened for head lice at random intervals by the school health advisor. They will notify the parent if the student has live head lice. At this time the parent will be informed that the child will not be allowed back at school until an initial treatment has been applied. Upon students returning to school the parent will need to check in with the school health advisor to discuss treatment. At this time the parent will be offered more information about head lice control.

Physical activities:

Rochelle ISD shall implement, in accordance with the law, a coordinated health program with physical education and physical activity components and shall offer at least the required amount of physical activity for all grades. (see BDF, EHAB, and EHAC).

In addition, Rochelle ISD establishes the following goals for physical activity:

1. Physical education classes will regularly emphasize moderate to vigorous activity. The Physical Education teacher is responsible for having this sort of activity at least once a week. (examples kickball, baseball, walking)

2. The district shall encourage teachers to integrate physical activity into the academic curriculum where appropriate. The teachers are responsible.

3. The district will provide an environment that fosters safe and enjoyable activities for all students, including those that are not participating in competitive sports. The PE teachers are responsible for preparing our students, PK-5 for our yearly field day events.

4. The district shall encourage parents to support their children’s participation, to be active role models, and to include physical activity in family events. The food service director is responsible for sending home flyers at least twice a year encouraging fun family activities and nutrition.

School based activities:

Rochelle ISD establishes the following goals to create an environment conducive to healthy eating and physical activity and to express a consistent wellness message through other school-based activities.

1. Sufficient time shall be allowed for students to eat meals in the lunchroom facility that is clean, safe and comfortable. The administrative director will see that the students come to lunch in a timely manner. Aids will help PK-

5th grade students thru the line. This will be done daily.


The Superintendent shall oversee the implantation of this policy and shall develop administrative procedures for periodically measuring the implantation of the wellness policy.