Principal's Message

Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Students-

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! With the start of a new year, there always exists the opportunity to refine our practices as educators alongside a renewing of our purpose as educators. Our number one goal is to ensure that our students are capable of embracing the ever-changing 21st century world with the tools we believe will make them the most successful.

Last year as a campus, we continued emphasizing the importance of student performance to drive our instructional decisions by studying, reflecting on, and growing from student performance data. This goal remains unchanged for this school year. Our teachers have built and refined their curriculums on a foundation that explicitly focuses on the end product: the success of all students. Our school continues to be the home of a vast number of extracurricular activities; for a school our size, this is no easy task. A special thanks to all of the teachers, staff members, families and most importantly, students, that make these activities so successful.
With the completion of summer projects, students, parents, and community members have been able to witness the culmination of a tremendous amount of planning coupled with the amazing dedication of our summer staff. From the football field and new scoreboard to the refreshed classrooms and common areas, our staff meticulously worked to showcase all of the wonderful things that make Rochelle home to our amazing students.
With so many wonderful things at work, I continue my belief that it is truly an amazing time to be a Hornet!

Matt Fields
Principal and Campus Behavior Coordinator - Rochelle ISD