Dual Credit

Dtal Credit

Students at Rochelle ISD have the opportunity to engage in a variety of dual-credit classes while at Rochelle ISD. Combined with the efforts of CTC and ASU, Rochelle ISD is able to offer the following dual-credit classes:

World History* - 10th Grade
College Algebra - 11th or 12th Grade
US History* - 11th Grade
US Government and Economics* - 12th Grade
English IV - 12 Grade
Music Appreciation - 10th, 11th, or 12th Grade
Speech - 11th or 12th Grade

Additionally, Rochelle ISD offers a plethora of dual-credit courses via the Texas Virtual School Network. Our students commonly enroll and complete in classes such as Computer Science, Sociology, Psychology, Science, and Calculus.

*Classes are taught by Mr. Rex Ewert at the Rochelle campus.*